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Investigative Background Research
InvestigativeCheck provides in-depth research for corporate and political clients. Run by former investigative reporters with decades of experience, InvestigativeCheck is a non-partisan research firm dedicated to uncovering the truth. Our professional investigators have access to hundreds of databases and deliver customized and comprehensive reports, on deadline, for a diverse client base.

Online background searches are notoriously inaccurate, and often contain
outdated or misleading information. Our seasoned investigators fact check
and analyze all results, quickly turning raw data into reliable, finished

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Corporate Clients Be Prepared. InvestigativeCheck specializes in conducting deep background research on job applicants, senior executives, corporations and prospective business acquisitions. Our research has uncovered phony business degrees, hidden disciplinary actions and embarrassing job histories that were left off of official resumes.
Political Research Find the Facts. InvestigativeCheck works with candidates at the local, state and national level to unearth surprising results—culled from public records—on political opponents. Our research on political candidates has revealed hidden convictions, bankruptcies and even long-forgotten prison terms.
Why Conduct an InvestigativeCheck?
From the boardroom to the political war room, obtaining accurate background information is essential. Here are some classic cases of resume revisionism:
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