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Thirteen candidates have past bankruptcies or criminal records

By Jilly Badanes - Washington Guardian


WASHINGTON — Skeletons Haunt Senate Hopefuls.

...candidates with past troubles span the country and cut across party lines: there are eight Republicans, two Independents, and three Democrats. They include one who has been convicted of writing a bad check in Tennessee, another convicted of damaging property in Wisconsin, and a third accused of fleeing Minnesota and remaining a fugitive overseas. ...

...InvestigativeCheck, which conducts in-depth research for corporate and political clients, uncovered the candidates’ backgrounds through an exhaustive check of thousands of public records. The firm’s CEO, former NBC News investigative producer Jim Popkin, worries that local voters and some local reporters don’t know enough about the candidates running for one of the highest offices in the land...

...“If I signed up to be a basketball coach at the Boys & Girls Club, I would get fingerprinted and given a background check. But for people running for U.S. Senate, there’s often no similar standard,” Popkin said. “That’s why you have a situation when people are running for U.S. Senate that have criminal backgrounds or serious financial issues. The point is, we should know a lot more about people who are running for political office, especially people running for United States Senate."...

...most of the candidates identified by InvestigativeCheck make little or no mention of their past troubles on the stump, and federal law doesn’t require candidates to disclose past convictions, bankruptcies or tax liens...

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Checks and balances: Sen. Corker opponents share spotty financial pasts

By Tom Humphrey -


NASHVILLE — U.S. Senate candidate Brenda Lenard said Wednesday that she has been urged to leave the race and endorse another of incumbent Sen. Bob Corker's opponents in the Republican Party primary because of a bad check felony conviction and bankruptcies in her background...

...InvestigativeCheck, a Washington-based firm that conducts research for corporate and political clients, turned up the information on Lenard when running background checks on all U.S. Senate candidates, according to company CEO Jim Popkin...

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Tennessee tea party candidate has history of fraud, bankruptcy

By Betsi Fores -- The Daily Caller News Foundation


Brenda Lenard, a self-described “level-headed Republican,”  is running as a tea party candidate against incumbent Sen. Bob Corker in the Tennessee Republican primary. Lenard’s history of fraud and bankruptcy, however, may pose a problem for her candidacy.

An investigation by InvestigativeCheck uncovered that Lenard, a black, single mom who grew up in the projects, is a convicted felon, guilty of writing bad checks. In 1993, she wrote a check for an amount greater than $500, according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation files. Records show she paid a fine of $250 and spent 12 months...

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